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At Machinist Creative Studio, we are a video production studio that brings ideas to life through innovative storytelling. Our collective experience allows us to be attuned to the natural rhythm and flow of each project we work on, helping brands and communities bloom. We are passionate about inspiring, stimulating senses, and energizing thought.


My work ranges from dynamic

immersive experiences for the

NBA to documentaries capturing the resurgence of performance arts in NYC in the wake of COVID-19. Proficient in all aspects of visual content creation, from conceptualization and direction to filming and editing, I've teamed up with renowned brands like YouTube, NBA, Triumph Motorcycles, Reebok, Anthropologie and Google. I've produced and edited content tailored for various platforms including social media, TV, and the web.

Outside of the commercial realm, I've been privileged to collaborate with impactful organizations such as Raise Your Hand, LGBTQ Pride, and Merck for Mothers, creating videos designed to ignite change and stir powerful emotions.


NY Landscape meatpacking_edited.jpg


I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a family of photographers and image makers. After attending design and film school, I visited New York and decided to establish in New York City, where I've been living for the last 20 years. Working as a photographer and director, I collaborated with numerous brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Facebook, always pushing my creativity in both photography and filmmaking. I reside in Brooklyn, traveling worldwide wherever the next storytelling project will take me.

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