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Video Content Producer Projects

NBA Immersive experience
NBA Portal
NBA All-Star Weekend Immersive Portal
Spearheaded the content creation of an immersive portal experience for the NBA All-Star Weekend, featuring stunning visuals and interactive elements that transported attendees into the heart of the action. 

Under the leadership of Good Sense and Company, we joined forces with Noisyhead Studio,  El Toro Studio and 4Wall to craft an unforgettable experience for the NBA All-Star Game, aimed at enticing participation in the NBA ID program. Attendees ventured through an immersive tunnel, stepping into the shoes of professional NBA players, fully involved in the game's action. The result was a resounding triumph, captivating audiences with the authentic experience they became a part of.


Client: NBA

Agency: Good Sense & Company

Content Design: El Toro Studio

Production Design, fabrication and Integration: 4Wall


NBA Immersive Protal
REVIVE a Ny popsup story
Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 8.57_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 7.41_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 7.43_edited.jpg
REVIVE!  A NY Popsup Story

Editor of "Revive!", a compelling documentary that delves into the resurgence of New York City's arts and culture scene amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading the charge were Good Sense and their team, pioneering street performances that united artists and reignited the city's creative spirit.

Agency: Good Sense & Company

Google event

Senior Content Producer for the creation and management of front-of-house content for the Google and YouTube NEWFRONTS event, showcasing prominent YouTube content creators. Collaborating closely with Google, we devised captivating and impactful video content and animations that were strategically integrated throughout the venue.

Agency: Good Sense & Company

Client: Google

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